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 CircleTotal No of Offices (HO +SO +BO)Offices having daily synch failure for more than 48 hoursNumber of Offices not done EOD in DPMSNumber of Bos for which BO slips are not generated in CSI Number of offices where both NSP 1 & 2 are downNumber of offices not raised service tickets for Network downNo of BOs not logged in Darpan during Office Hours (9AM - 2PM)Number of articles not processed for delivery at post offices for more than 48 hours after receiptNumber of Head Offices (HO) not delivered any article through PMA Number of Sub Offices (SO) not delivered any article through PMA Number of Branch Offices (BO) not delivered any article through PMA Number of Hubs with Nil Bag (Not worked in IPVS - NSH / CRC / PH)Number of Offices with NIL CBS transactions [HO /S0 /BO] as on (T-2) dayNumber of Offices with NIL PLI transactions [HO /SO /BO]Count of FRMU alerts pending for more than 15 daysNumber of Service Requests (PLI / RPLI) Pending for more than 3 daysNumber of pending service requests (other than PLI/RPLI)Number of ATMs with zero transactions as on T-1 dayNo of CPCs not logged in to McCamish
View Andhra Pradesh1061579285510089003553370340772340195031603250
View Assam401612781574200144826431901013613254062671833490
View Bihar929111022122113101157415377960532387870541374142150
View Chattisgarh44135318376420019221674062228484247020641142721
View Delhi561902750004204583472353014271599451
View Gujarat88628016210062007561990423370690114484349991
View Haryana270370820020000321950226552425013782187850
View Himachal Pradesh279661132173004203716990582224303179371410
View J&K170244139010013000030156601244002
View Jharkhand39825731229710002714008345223655014342331560
View Karnataka96401232811201050400715276078825895011864117641
View Kerala5076131461600078013730860407249103502460460
View M.P87951101025240008737205842018856953602625267571
View Maharashtra1369531734316695027966230810714389123650118364841571
View North Eastern2924135238582001505830340881418153224012682859140
View Orissa8496154533794201209011774623296653140104092565150
View Punjab38882916268200008521022376134900154274350
View Rajasthan103022741141652207721503968727650101800477316454255
View Tamil Nadu1187811260927400078194196487417548118860918275472185
View Telangana62155714328920017770925196043515864052931694281
View Uttar Pradesh1792328520231718301724810165417642152520680528730291
View Uttarakhand27251950234000062113285232628262732021868437120
View West Bengal908718513104913101384518349461221856168063994017591

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